for cleaning of liquids – the discovery of gravity

cleaning industrial fluids with centrifugal separator technology,  our STA Centrifugal Separators are using the physical effect of phase separation in centrifugal fields for the cleaning of process fluids. Even unfilterable media are reliably cleared from particles or secondary liquid phases without use of disposables.

what are the benefit for using a centrifuge separator ?

it clean liquid from solids by centrifugal force

  • no consumable like filters aids are needed
  • the sludge is dryer which helps to reduce the disposal cost or it even can be recycled
  • clean  production machines means less down time
  • The removed solids are dry and pure. Centrifugal Separators are relatively compact systems and easy to be integrated;they fit a wide range of applications.

our Partner STA develops and manufactures systems for separating solids and oils from fluids. Since 1992 they have been using process technology know-how to solve contamination problems everywhere that more stringent environmental requirements, stricter quality specifications and cost pressure have led to the need for greater purity of fluids used.
For example the model S-15 is one systems which achieve maximum filter fineness through centrifugal force, gravitation and coalescence alone and without the use of filter aids, and extract solid matter in compact and pure form, as well as foreign oil, in high concentration. This makes it possible to increase the service life of machining fluids and tools, to reduce disposal costs and to improve the production results. Perfect ROi (Return of Investment.

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